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Steel Detailing


There are a lot of companies that claim the title of fabricator, but there aren’t a lot of fabricators that can do what NAFCO, Wolf Point’s parent company, does: NAFCO engineers, fabricates and installs. It does it all.


But NAFCO got its start, in 1953, as a steel detailer. And today, even other fabricators call on NAFCO to help them out of tight situations. After all, the biggest, most complex and most expensive projects rely on expert detailing to ensure proper fit and reduce burn marks in the field.


This know-how is something Wolf Point has that none of its competitors can offer, unless they hire NAFCO themselves. So why not save the markup and ensure you get it right the first time?


Wolf Point's parent company, NAFCO, got its start in structural steel detailing, in 1953.


Those roots in structural detailing continue to make NAFCO an invaluable partner, thanks to its ability to envision every aspect of a project.

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