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In 2014, Wolf Point Engineers & Contractors contracted with ORASCOM E&C USA, Inc., for complete engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning (EPC) of a urea storage and handling system at the Iowa Fertilizer Company facility near Wever, Iowa.


The system begins with a transfer tower, which receives urea from the plant via a conveyor by the owner. This conveyor discharges onto conveyor 1, which transports the urea to the conveyor 2 traveling tripper, located in the upper portion of a storage building, distributing the urea uniformly along the length of the building onto a concrete floor. The conveyor 2 traveling tripper also has a bypass system to send the urea directly to the truck loading building.


The area is reclaimed from the storage building via front-end loaders, which dump the material into a traveling hopper on rails, feeding conveyor no. 3, located inside and along the length of the storage building. Conveyor 3 discharges onto conveyor 4, transporting the urea to the surge bin in the truck loading building. The surge bin feeds two (2) weigh bins, which are able to load two (2) trucks simultaneously.


The total length of all the conveyors is 2,023 feet, and conveyors 1 and 4 are in enclosed galleries. The system also includes belt scales, slide gates, a traveling tripper car, weigh bridges, a telescoping spout, and dust collectors, and it is designed to allow for future expansion.

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