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Oxbow Calcining LLC – Enid


In August 2014, Wolf Point Engineers & Contractors contracted with Oxbow Calcining LLC for complete engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning (EPC) for a new screening, crushing, storage and rail loading system to be incorporated into their existing calcining facility located near Enid, Oklahoma.


The new system utilizes a series of five bucket elevators and five screw conveyors with nine individual chutes with diverter gates to feed and direct calcined coke to and from screening and crushing tower. The screened and crushed calcined coke will report to three existing silos or to three new silos via bucket elevators and screw conveyors. It will be reclaimed from the new silos via screw conveyors that feed a bucket elevator discharging onto two new 36-inch conveyors with three new transfer stations, which will transport the calcined coke to the rail loading system at a rate of 200 tons per hour. The calcined coke will be loaded into rail cars on a double track utilizing a new 36-inch shuttle conveyor with a telescopic chute and a dust collection hood.


Ancillary items include a new sampling system and a dust-collection and wash-down system. This project was operational in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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