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Wolf Point’s safety philosophy is simple and steadfast: Quality first. Production second. Safety always. It’s a way of thinking as well as a way of working, and it’s represented in every aspect of Wolf Point’s operations.  


In practice, safety begins with maintaining a healthy workforce through comprehensive and ongoing training appropriate to each staff member’s responsibilities. It’s refined and reinforced in biweekly safety meetings in the home office. And it’s extended to every field site by way of a site safety manager with more than 30 years’ experience in construction, as well as accreditation as a safety outreach program trainer.


In addition, Wolf Point has a working relationship with ISNetworld, a global resource for connecting hiring clients with safe and reliable contractors.


All NAFCO employees receive comprehensive and ongoing safety training appropriate to their responsibilities.


Safety also extends to NAFCO’s machinery, like the Messer burning table and the Sunrise Ironworker, which require less material handling and, therefore, reduce risk to operators. 

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