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Specialized Equipment


Besides designing and supplying parts for its own projects, Wolf Point Engineers & Contractors provides specialized equipment for any bulk material handling system. Each item is custom built and can be delivered and installed quickly to minimize downtime and maintain peak performance.



  • Cascading conveyors

  • Decline/downhill conveyors with regenerative braking

  • Drag-chain conveyors

  • Flight conveyors

  • High-angle/pocket-belt conveyors

  • Horizontal-curve conveyors

  • Overland conveyors with multiple drives

  • Pipe conveyors

  • Portable conveyors

  • Reversing conveyors

  • Shuttle conveyors

  • Bucket elevators



  • Rapid-rail continuous bottom-dump unloaders

  • Rotary railcar dumpers

  • Continuous ship unloaders

  • Gypsum barge loaders

  • Railcar-loading dusthoods

  • Rotary railcar unloaders

  • Ship loaders

  • Low-profile railcar unloaders

  • Barge loaders

  • Barge unloaders (continuous or slewing)



  • Bridge reclaimers

  • Bucket-wheel stackers/reclaimers

  • Circular stackers/reclaimers

  • Fixed stackers

  • Linear–travelling stackers

  • Portal reclaimers

  • Radial stackers

  • Semi-portal reclaimers

  • Twin-boom scraper reclaimers

  • Twin-boom stackers



  • Apron feeders

  • Belt feeders

  • Rotary plow feeders

  • Vibrating feeders

  • Screw feeders


Trippers/belt plows

  • Fixed trippers

  • Travelling trippers

  • Travelling belt plows

  • Fixed-belt plows


Processing equipment

  • Screens

  • Crushers



  • Diverter gates

  • Pin gates

  • Proportioning gates

  • Rod gates

  • Silo reclaim gates

  • Slide gates


For more information, please call 312.508.5550.


The Gibson Generating Station, in Owensville, Indiana, features rail unloading, conveying, stacking, reclaiming equipment for a handling limestone and gypsum.


The limestone and gypsum material handling system at the Miami Fort Station, in North Bend, Ohio, features barge loaders and unloaders, conveyors, stackers, reclaimers, hoppers, belt feeders and day bins.


The Mill Creek facility, in Mill Creek, Oklahoma, features rail and truck loading equipment for two mill silica flour grinding systems.


The Mitchell Power Plant, in Moundsville, West Virginia, features a rotary clamshell bucket crane, vibratory feeders, a rotary plow feeder, a traveling portal scraper reclaimer, a barge loadout shuttle conveyor and other equipment for handling limestone and gypsum.

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