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Oxbow Calcining LLC – Baton Rouge


In February 2014, Wolf Point Engineers & Contractors was awarded a contract from Oxbow Calcining LLC for a pet-coke-handling system located near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Wolf Point’s scope of supply was for the complete engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning (EPC) of the #4 CPC Tank Project.


The new system begins with a new chute at the head end of the existing conveyor, which will discharge onto a new 30-inch conveyor, which in turn will discharge into the new 1950-ton silo #4. Provisions will be made to divert the pet coke away from the silo to a future conveyor at the top of the silo. Pet coke will be reclaimed from the silo via a slide gate that feeds a new weigh feeder that discharges onto a new bucket elevator. The bucket elevator will feed a new 30-inch conveyor designed to utilize existing supports, which will be able to feed two existing conveyors.


Wolf Point’s scope of supply also included a new magnet and chute near the head end of their existing conveyor and dust collection at the new #4 silo. This project was completed in December 2014.

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