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Pipe Conveyors


Through a strategic alliance with CKIT Conveyor Engineers (PTY) Ltd., a world-renowned designer of pipe conveyor systems, Wolf Point now offers the most economical and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional trough conveyors.


They resemble trough conveyors at the loading and discharge ends, but between the two, idlers on either side roll the belt into a tube. Among their many benefits, pipe conveyors reduce transfer points, help eliminate material loss, meet strict environmental regulations, negotiate tighter curves and take steeper inclines and declines. 


They also can move any kind of bulk material and operate at speeds of up to five meters per second, with capacity up to 7,650 cubic meters per hour. Contact us to learn more about this groundbreaking product, made of durable, American-made components. 


Pipe conveyors can handle 20% greater grades than conventional trough conveyors.


Their streamlined design makes pipe conveyors more cost effective than trough conveyors for facilities with two or more transfers.

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