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Wolf Point Engineers & Contractors is named after the geographic location in the heart of Chicago known as Wolf Point, which is where the three branches of the Chicago River—the North Branch, South Branch, and Main Stem—come together. In the early days of the Chicago settlement, Wolf Point represented the edge of the wilderness extending west.

The founders of Wolf Point Engineers & Contractors, Justin Heine and Niraj Amin, identified Wolf Point as an apt metaphor for the three different areas of expertise required to make a successful full-service engineering and construction company: engineering, project management, and project delivery.

In addition, the wolf makes a fitting mascot by way of its cleverness, sharp senses, and highly cooperative nature—all essential qualities in today’s business world.

Have a look at the geographic Wolf Point through the years:

Wolf Point in 1830, three years before the “Town of Chicago” was organized. The city’s first hotel would be built here the following year.

Wolf Point in 1875, four years after the Great Chicago Fire. By this time, Wolf Point had been the site of a lumberyard, a railroad depot, and several grain elevators.

Wolf Point in 1893, viewed from the east. Its towering grain elevators would be demolished in 1906.

Wolf Point today, looking east. Condominiums occupy the west bank, while the north bank is slated for a dramatic redevelopment, including three high-rises.

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